How to Save Thousands of $$$ on Cigarettes

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How to Save Thousands of $$$ on Cigarettes

Save Thousands a Year on Cigarettes

In this article, I’m going to show you how and why you will go from paying between $5 – $10 on a pack of cigarettes to less than a dollar a pack with ease.

People are paying ever increasing prices for cigarettes even as the price of tobacco remains at historically low levels. The reason for this is taxes. Today, the price of a pack of cigarettes ranges from $5 to over $10 a pack depending on what part of the country you live in.

The government profits over 60% while the manufacturer profits less than 10% on one pack of cigarettes. [1]

If you smoke a pack a day, here’s how you can save about $2,000 a year or more:

When you purchase a pack of cigarettes you pay heavy excise taxes. Pipe tobacco is exempt from these taxes, as well as tobacco used for rolling your own cigarettes.  Pipe tobacco that can be used for rolling your own cigarettes is called dual use tobacco; we’ll talk more about that later.

Perhaps you have been in a drugstore and seen Bugler tobacco and rolling papers. This was my first impression of rolling my own cigarettes, along with a corn cob pipe next to the Buglers of which none seemed all that appealing. The resulting product barely resembled the manufactured cigarette I had become accustomed to.

Fast forward to earlier this year and while at my sister-in-laws without a cigarette. I asked to bum a smoke and got what I thought was a store bought cigarette.  I lit it and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and liked it better than my normal brand. I asked her what brand it was, and she said, “Oh, it’s The Good Stuff.” I laughed and replied that yes, it was good, but what brand? She showed me a box of cigarettes and explained that her and my brother-in-law had been rolling their own.  They had filters and looked like manufactured cigarettes from the store.  The brand name she had bought was actually called The Good Stuff, and the kicker was when she told me they were spending about $10 for a carton of cigarettes!

That same day, my wife and I went to the local tobacco shop and spent $120 for a starter kit that had a rolling machine, three cartons worth of tubes (cigarette papers with filters already in them)  and a pound of tobacco (about 3 cartons worth). Online the next day, I found out that I could have bought the same pound of tobacco I had spent $40 on for less than $15. After more research I located the best prices on tobacco, tubes, and accessories and also realized that the starter kit we had purchased was available for about half the price. My wife and I now spend an hour or so rolling our own cigarettes at the beginning of the week and save on average five times what we were spending before. Another benefit of rolling our own cigarettes is that I noticed there’s no more running to the store or finding ourselves out of cigarettes at an inopportune time.

So how do you know which pipe tobacco is good for rolling cigarettes and which machines are for you? The AAA Discount Tobacco website has only dual purpose tobacco, which is the name given tobacco that is good for both a pipe and for rolling cigarettes, and if you go to another site to find your tobacco, that is a term you should probably be looking for.  AAA Discount Tobacco is a website I created to put all of the products that I know are good and work for rolling your own cigarettes in one spot, saving time and money. The two machines I have used and know work well, are the Top-O-Matic T2 injector and the Mikromatic injector, but all the machines listed on this site are here because the majority of reviews I found on them state that they last and work well. If I came across a product that had any reviews stating that they fall apart easily or do not do what they said they would, it did not make it on the site.

Please browse the site, and when you’re ready, purchase a starter kit to see if RYO (roll your own) is right for you. The kit provides one pound of tobacco and two cartons of tubes (you may want to get a third carton of tubes as a pound of tobacco can roll three cartons). If you currently spend $50 per carton or more on your cigarettes, the starter kit alone will save you $120 even with purchasing the machine, so you have nothing to lose, and if anything, a few bucks to gain.  To keep your cigarettes fresh I recommend water discs that keep tobacco at the correct moisture level and don’t forget that you’ll need something to carry your cigarettes in such as a metal case.

Thanks for visiting AAA Discount Tobacco, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop us a line.

The following videos show you how to use the most common cigarette injectors.  Our starter packages come with the TopOMatic T2 Injector and the machine we personally use is the Mikromatic King Injector.

Mikromatic video by BrandieZZZ:

Top-O-Matic T2 injector video by CoolHowToVideos:

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