Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Product Description

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine:

Product Features Automatic injection process. Controlled tobacco intake. Perfect cigarettes in seconds. Removable tobacco tray Main power and battery operated. Here’s how it works – You place a tube on the tip on the left, then you put a pile of tobacco in the chamber on the top, raise the lever on the right, put some tobacco in the slot on the top with your fingers or the wedge that come with it, push the lever on the right until the spoon injector pops out and fills the tube. That’s it, another perfect cigarette and more tobacco is still in the chamber for you to repeat the process.

This one is so cool it totally blew us away. The Powermatic 2 may cost a little more than the Powermatic 1 but you’ll find the spoon injection method produces a consistent even burning cigarette with no problems every time and isn’t that what you really want?. If you’ve used a top-o-matic machine then you already know what great cigarettes they produce and how perfect they burn. So basically, the Powermatic 2 is an electric, automated, easier to load, easier to use machine than the hand crank top-o-matic and uses the same injection method which produces that same perfect cigarette we all enjoy. The Powermatic 2 is a revolutionary breakthrough, making this the first really affordable electric spoon injection machine to ever hit the market.


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